ShopTab’s E-Commerce Facebook App: Simple and Easy to Use

ShopTab is an e-commerce Facebook application that is easy to use both from the administrator and customer end, and has an attractive, easy-to-alter interface. The app directs customers from Facebook to a company’s web site, so there’s no need to worry about extras like shipping or taxes, and purchasing the contract-free service ranging from $10 to $20 a month.

ShopTab’s online store appears on a Shop tab on a given Facebook Page and so far the app has about 76,500 monthly active users. ShopTab’s Jay Feitlinger tells us that the app is being used by big companies, such as the Coca-Cola Store, but also niche retailers. The company’s app is meant to be customizable across all business, but ShopTab also provides some custom services.

Using the app from the admin dashboard is as easy as either uploading a .csv file or uploading an item’s title, price, category, description and URLs to the product and image. Businesses using the app may only create one admin account. Feitlinger points out that ShopTab was designed specifically for ease of use and many customers set up their store in about 10 minutes.

From the customer end, the simple and attractive store calls attention with a banner that Feitlinger points out can be re-formatted to suit a store’s needs. For example, some Facebook shops add a menu to the banner while others may add a coupon. The store also has several search functions that work really well and allow for Facebook users to share items to their feed to spread the word.

ShopTab’s store, like most e-commerce apps we’ve reviewed, links items in the Facebook shop to a business’ web page, thus allowing customers to pay on a company’s web site for items they found on Facebook.

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