Shopkick 2.0 Kicks Up Shopping

Shopkick helps retailers leverage smartphones to increase traffic in stores by providing ways for users to earn discounts on products. Since Shopkick first launched it has added several big name retailers like Kmart, Target, and Walmart, to their list of participating retailers, providing plenty of opportunities for users to take advantage of the savings.

Shopkick provides several ways for users to save money. First, you can use the app to find deals that the retailers offer. In many cases the deals you see in Shopkick are the same you will find the newspaper, but some offers are exclusive to Shopkick users. To take advantage of the special Shopick offer you show your phone with a code that displays on the screen.

Another way to save is to collect kicks, which are award points that you collect by scanning specific products with your phone. You can only scan a product once a day, and only 5 times per 30 days, and the app requires 15 seconds between scans. You can then turn in kicks for gift certificates or other discounts at participating retailers. For example, 3,750 kicks can get you a $15 iTunes gift card.

Shopkick appears to have much more benefit to retailers than traditional check-in apps like Foursquare and Facebook because it provides an incentive for people to go to their store, will Foursquare simple takes advantage of where a person happens to me. Checking in simply tells people where you are, while checking Shopkick while you are at a store helps you save money.

Shopkick is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.