Shop for Electronics With Retrevo

This Friday marks Black Friday, the busiest (and craziest) shopping day of the year. Retrevo, however, suggests that you stay home and shop from the comfort of home. retrevoReferring to itself as a destination that “matches products with people,” the site aggregates information from hundreds consumer electronic Web sites and generates buying guides from everything from digital cameras to widescreen plasma TVs.

It’s like; where humans meet technology they will love.

Every product that is displayed features a “value map.” This feature, according to reviews from the Web sites where the products are “pulled from,” will allow you to filter your search based on price point.retrevo_2

Retrevo also indexes what other people on the Web are saying about products. If someone has praised or slammed that gadget you’ve been eyeing, you’ll now get the full picture from blogs, forums and Web sites.

The Web site also hopes to get people coming back even after they make their purchase by offering many how-to guides and product manuals.

Catering mostly to people who want to research a product extensively before they purchase, Retrevo is likely worth a visit before you buy your consumer electronic holiday gifts. At the very least, it will keep you out of crowded parking lots and long lines.