Shop at a Virtual Supermarket in a Subway Station with a Smartphone?

There are some mobile marketing campaigns that simply “wow” you. This is one of them. Tesco (AKA Homeplus) in South Korea is the second largest supermarket in South Korea. Their solution to competing with their larger (more supermarkets) competitor was to create virtual stores using large wall spaces in subway stations that are full-size photos of their supermarket products. Customers use thei smartphones to scan QRcodes to a virtual shopping cart. Once the order is complete, the items are delivered directly to them after they arrive at their homes.

Homeplus: Virtual Subway Store (WeLoveViral)

More than ten thousand customers visited the online store using their smartphones. New registered members rose by 76% and online sales rose 130%. This marketing and sales technique increased their sales without increasing retail store space. And, it made shopping more convenient for busy people.

Thanks to Megan O’Neill for the pointer to this great mobile story.

Video courtesy of majedhs1417