NRA Magazine Highlights the ‘Saint’

Shooting Illustrated became an "official journal" of the NRA earlier this year.

Earlier this year, the National Rifle Association (NRA) added Shooting Illustrated to its library of in-house publications. The monthly magazine can be selected as an NRA member’s publication of choice, or added to a membership for $9.95 per year.


On the cover of the December issue, the editors have chosen to showcase the Saint, a new AR-15-style semi-automatic weapon manufactured by Springfield Armory, a firearms company based in Illinois. From the cover story by Jay Grazio:

I even grabbed a handful of honest-to-goodness “pre-ban” magazines left over from when I lived in Massachusetts and ran a few sets through these as a “worst-case” scenario. If the Saint worked with ancient, used-and-abused metal magazines of unknown origin—which it did—I figured it would work with just about anything. Not too many people concern themselves with “pre-ban” magazines these days, but there are, ahem, frugal folks who might still have some Reagan-era magazines still kicking around. No worries; they’ll work just fine.

The Saint retails for $899.

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