Shooting celebrities

shrnzebra.jpg (The double entendre in that hed is completely coincidental.)

The best part of today’s Fabrice Frere Q&A:
We don’t do celebrities, thank God. That’s when you really do need budgets. I remember being at GQ when Art Cooper—I was sitting across from him at his desk—was on the phone with Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone wanted to be featured in GQ, but she wanted to be shot with zebras. It was kind of hard to get zebras to New York, and she wanted to be shot in a zebra suit, sort of cuddling or holding two zebras next to her. And Art Cooper’s response was: “It’s not gonna happen.” He photoshopped them in later. And that’s what you get with celebrities. You’ve got to fly them first class, you have to have the champagne waiting at the photo shoot.
Design Spotlight: Fabrice Frere [mb]