Shoot, upload and sell your products through Vzaar videos

This cool application goes out to you our dear readers who are active sellers in eBay. Using Vzaar video uploading service, you can now enhance your products sale performance by utilizing the power of video in convincing buyers to purchase your eBay products. Yes folks just like the old TV-shopping guides, you can demonstrate the ins and outs of your products with the aim of presenting them in the most convincing way to eBay buyers.

Video is so in on the web right now, we all know that. Hence what a better way to make use of the web videos power but to use it in e-commerce right. Well, that is if you have a grand dream of becoming the next YouTube star. If not, you’re better off with web videos as an e-commerce tool.

Vzaar is a free service for uploading your video if you are a casual user of eBay. But if you are regular or frequent users, then you have to pay a minimal amount to become premium vzaar users. Vzaar’s video player was made specifically for e-commerce purposes. Using Vzaar’s video uploading you can upload videos, embed these videos into your eBay auctions and then enjoy the fruits of your video ads in no time at all.

If you’re thinking there’s YouTube, why would you still use Vzaar? Then these features might actually convince you to do so:

  • Display eBay User ID – neat!
  • Displays eBay feedback – very good feature when buying something in eBay
  • Bid button on video – you don’t have to go to the eBay page anymore just to bid
  • Competitor videos are not displayed – why would you want that?
  • Bulk load video in multiple listings – time save feature
  • Embed video in under 3 clicks – nothing comes close to how easy this is done in Vzaar
  • HTML skills not needed – it’s so easy to use
    and setup

Aside from Twitter, video content is the web’s most widely used content format. So, it’s about time that you use its power to sell.

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