Shoot the Messenger: Special Scott McClennan Edition

In this very special edition of Shoot the Messenger, the “fury” over former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s “revelations” have created an all-out old-tymey Texas gun fight, with wartime Bushies all following the talking points (see CBS Evening News clip above) saying this is not the Scott they knew.

Well yeah. The communications strategy of the time was to take the #1 most credible person in the administration (Colin Powell) and put him in front of the U.N. to talk WMD. Are people really surprised the person 100% responsible delivering whatever he was told had misgivings about the decision to go to war?

McClellan’s predecessor Ari Fleisher claimed to be “stumped and stunned” on CBS, and “heartbroken” on NPR by these revelations.

McClellan’s Texas toast was buttered by Bush for many years, so we assume his advance was pretty hefty on this book to start doing his own shooting. According to sibling blog Galleycat, his What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception popped to #1 on the Amazon list, probably because no one can get their hands on it in traditional bookstores.

Apparently even fake journalists/prostitutes can Shoot the Messenger too. Jeff Gannon, a.k.a. “Bulldog” also “questions” McClellan’s credibility.

As they say in publishing, we’ll see if this book has any sell-through. We suspect its just a brief drive-by.