Food Bloggers Hold Early Thanksgiving Pow Wow

The host was Dorothy Reingold, the keeper of Her guest list for a recent pot luck dinner was made up of fellow SoCal food bloggers, everyone from Rachael Hutchings (“La Fuji Mama”) to Denise Vivaldo (“Food Fanatics Unwashed”).

As some of the assembled have already started blogging and LA Times writer Rene Lynch reports today, the goal of the getogether was to stage an intricate photo opp and share various content ideas as this group heads into their busiest time of year:

Each of the eight bloggers in attendance would walk away from the gathering with new recipes and viewpoints to share with their readers. The result, they hoped, would help goose blog traffic for all.

Ha ha, nice use of the word goose. As you might expect, a pot luck for this crowd involves a lot more more than throwing together a few crock pot leftovers. For example, Greg Henry (“Sippety Sup“, pictured) told Lynch he had spent the previous night shelling and roasting several pounds of chestnuts to create the most photogenic side dish possible.

[Photo credit: Anne Collins/LA Times]