SHOCKING: Media Not a Fast Growing Profession

We all read the news and hear the dreaded tales of the media industry’s struggles. And they’re all mostly true; the media industry is not growing at the pace of other industries.

But what industries will see growth despite the dismal economy? JIST has released its 11th edition of the 100 Fastest Growing Careers guide, and the health care industry nears the top of list, with an estimated 28 percent growth rate through 2018.
Some of the more rapid growth from 2008 to 2018, will come in accounting (22 percent), human resources (22 percent) and market and survey researchers (28 percent).
The only media related profession on the list comes in PR, which sits as the 25th fastest growing profession. JIST expects public relations to grow by, a more than respectable, 24 percent.
It’s the eleventh edition of the JIST guide, and much of the data comes from the Department of Labor.
There was a small silver lining for other media in the list. Computer Network, Systems and Database Administrators sector has an expected growth of 30 percent. With the growth of databases and online data hosted on news websites, at least media can help out with this job growth. That’s something, right?