SHOCKER: Politico Pro Editor Praises Staff

Hope and change is still alive, and we’re seeing it hardcore over at Politico. Seriously, is Politico Pro Editor-in-Chief Tim Grieve feeling okay? This morning he sent out the most gushing memo we have ever seen from the man voted to have the biggest temper in Washington. You’d think someone was putting Lithium in the Rosslyn water supply.
Grieve thanks his staff profusely for their election night coverage and says there wasn’t “a single moment of stress.” Whoa! Grieve, please, you’re turning over a new leaf and it’s disturbing. Interestingly, the memo reveals that Politico had a variety of “if Romney wins” stories in the works that will never see the light of day. For this, he apologizes for the wasted hard work.
There’s also an attempt at humor, or else someone actually called 9-11 because the roof was on fire. That, or Grieve just likes the song.
See the internal memo… From: Tim Grieve
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2012 8:28 AM
To: TP-Pro; webdev; Anna Palmer
Cc: John Harris; Jim VandeHei; Kim Kingsley; Miki King; Bill Nichols; Danielle Jones; Craig Gordon
Subject: rock stars
Huge thanks to all of you for amazing work on election night and the day (and days) after.
Pro was a well-oiled machine Tuesday night.  I’ve seriously never seen anything like it.  We were on the spot with every race that mattered to our readers, and there wasn’t a single moment of stress, confusion, duplication, anything — or at least not one that showed! That’s a pretty amazing feat with seven teams covering I-don’t-even-know-how-many races, and it was all possible because of really smart breaking-news planning from Laura and LaRonda and the section editors and then terrific execution by MJ, Adam, Burgess and ProWeb. And as soon as the election was called, we were on top of it with smart analysis pieces — some of which went up seconds after Obama passed 270.  On this front, I want to offer special thanks (and a little sympathy) for the reporters and editors who worked hard on pieces that will never see the light of day.  Joanne, Anna, I’m thinking of you especially — but I know there were others who worked hard on “now that Romney has won” stories that will never run. Joanne told me that she got a lot out of the process anyway, building some sources that she didn’t have before, and I hope all of you can rescue something out of the hard work you did. I know that our readers got a lot out of the stories that did run — including David’s very smart take on the future of Obamacare and Joe’s first read on the president’s tax plans. And then came the day after, and you didn’t stop.  The newsletters were packed with smart “what it means for E/H/T/V/D/FS/X” analysis.  And all day yesterday and into this morning, you’ve owned the fast-breaking stuff on the post-election scramble, from Steve and Kelsey on the tax debate to Burgess on the T&I shuffle to Kathy and Adam on the highway trust fund jockeying to Brooks on Genachowski’s future to Darren and Alex on the E&C impact to Phil and Steph and Tim on sequestration to MJ on the banking fallout to Erica and Darren (again) on the “war on coal” to Tony on cybersecurity to Andrew on Obama’s energy team to Brett on Medicare to Jason on the ACA’s challenges at the state level and to Steve on how . . . no, the political ads really aren’t going away.I could go on and on: Bob jumping on a plane to go to Florida, even though we had no idea what he’d find there; Alex diving in to help POLITICO Live; Alysha swinging back to webteam to help out there; Jon rousting himself in the early-morning darkness to write the morning-after ledeall; Jen dialing 911 when the roof . . .  the roof . . .  the roof was on fire; and Abby and Bri, who seem to have been on duty and in the newsroom pretty much non-stop from Tuesday morning through Wednesday night.  Every single one of you contributed in a really important way – including a couple of you who arrived in our newsroom literally 24 hours before Election Day.