Shocker: ‘OK!’ and ‘Life & Style’ Both ‘Pregnant & Betrayed’

A brief history of dueling covers

With their regularly rotating casts of Teen Moms, Kardashians and Brangelinas, it’s not unusual for celebrity weeklies to have a bit of cover story overlap. But the latest issues of OK! Weekly and Life & Style are so nearly identical that they might have you doing a double take at the drugstore checkout.

This week, Bauer’s Life & Style featured side-by-side photos of Reese Witherspoon and Kourtney Kardashian, along with the headline “Pregnant & Betrayed.” Meanwhile, AMI’s OK! opted for a picture of the aforementioned Kardashian, who is similarly dubbed “Pregnant & Betrayed.” (This happens to be a favorite headline at OK!, which has also used it for cover stories on Jessica Simpson, Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson in recent years. And just a few months ago, Life & Style declared Kourtney Kardashian “Pregnant & Abandoned.”)

Of course, similar covers are bound to show up when a big story—dead pop star, major divorce—breaks that week. Or, in this case, when there’s such a lack of news that tabloids are forced to dip into their fallback store of generic Kardashian scandals.

The problem of dueling covers isn’t just limited to celebrity weeklies, either. The New York Post and the Daily News have been especially prone to running the same cover, whether sports, weather, or politics was the news of the day. Way before they were busy shocking readers with gay presidents or breastfeeding moms, Time and Newsweek made a splash by releasing cover photos of up-and-coming musician Bruce Springsteen on the same day in 1975. Cover overlap can even strike in the world of gourmet food publications: Both Bon Appetit and Saveur featured crusty French baguettes on their May covers.