Shocker: Carnival Cruise Lines Wins Monopoly’s ‘Battle of the Brands’

If that headline seems like a mistake, we thought so too; especially when you consider that Carnival Cruise Lines, with all of its incredibly bad press of late (“poop cruise,” anyone?) went head-to-head with brands like Coke, Transformers and Electronic Arts in Monopoly‘s recent Facebook contest, “Battle of the Brands.”

Earlier this week, in an effort to promote its new game, the brand-oriented Monopoly Empire, Hasbro created a Facebook “Battle of the Brands” contest for its fans. The winner would be the first brand to rack up 5,000 likes on its #BattleoftheBrands Facebook post. The competing companies included Carnival Cruise Lines, Transformers, Chevrolet, Fender Guitar, Nestlé, Beats by Dre, eBay, X Games, Nerf, Ducati, Electronic Arts, JetBlue, Coca-Cola and Yahoo.

And, incredibly, the brand to come out on top was Carnival.

We expected at least a few commenters to be as aghast at the results as we were, but only “top comments” and “recent activity” are viewable, and they amount to only a few — very positive — comments (hmmm). Either no one who played the game was surprised or disappointed by Carnival’s win, or Monopoly has a very well-managed Facebook page.

Either way, there’s no denying the fact that Carnival has managed — somehow — to stay on the good sides of so many people that 5,000 of them rushed to vote for the brand over other popular ones — It beat Transformers and Coke, people! Giant, awesome, alien robots and classic, fizzy, delicious soda didn’t garner as much support as the seemingly-cursed cruise line.

We don’t even know who we are anymore.

So, we’ve just got two things left to say: Firstly, congratulations to Carnival’s PR team; clearly, you guys are superheros. And secondly, if anyone is planning on cruising with Carnival, perhaps you might consider taking along Monopoly’s new board game — at least then you’d have something to entertain you should the ship lose power. Again.

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