Shizup Meme, GIF Creation App Launches on iOS, Android

The app allows users to create memes by typing their own text and selecting a picture from the app's library, or their photo album.

Shizup has announced the launch of its meme and GIF creation app on iOS and Android. The app allows users to create memes by combining text they type with images, either from their device or from the app’s library.

To create a meme, users type one or more lines of text, and choose a photo or video for the project. Users can select a photo or large emoji from the app’s library, or import their own photos and video clips. Once they’ve selected an image, the app combines the text and image into a shareable meme. When users upload a video, the app creates a GIF from the video, and places the text on top.

Users can share their creations with friends who also use Shizup, as well as those that don’t. When sending a meme to a non-user, the non-user receives a text message which contains the meme and a link to download the app.

In addition, users can ‘re-meme’ the memes they receive in Shizup by changing the text on the image and sending it back to friends. After memes are sent, users can post likes, dislikes or comments on this content.

In a statement, Tamir Weiss, co-founder of Shizup, commented:

We live in a highly visual world where the classic text message is becoming obsolete. At Shizup we ask, why text when you can meme? Combining text and photos caters to our visual world but still keeps a fun conversation going.

Shizup is available to download to free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.