Shirtless Obama? Forget it


NYT‘s Sheryl Gay Stohlberg reports from Hawaii on why we won’t get to see a shirtless President Obama this year. In 2008, pictures such as this one above of POTUS’s chest surfaced. In August, photogs were prevented from any sort of repeat performance. This time around once again, rules are strict — there’s a no long lens policy and no real ability to take racy pictures.

All you folks who wanted shirtless pictures of the president: Forget it. We are now on the all-private, top-secret snorkeling outing.

POTUS and his family (Michelle, Malia and Sasha) as well as unidentified friends and their children arrived at Haunama Bay State Park at 11:07 am. after a 30-minute ride from the vacation rental. We are under explicit instructions that there will be no long lenses or other sneaky attempts to take pictures. The Obama party will be here for two hours and the whole place is closed off. This park is always closed on Tuesdays to allow the fish and the coral reef time to regenerate. Pool is holding in the (closed) snack shop. Haven’t seen a thing.