Shira Lazar On Her New Web Series ‘The Partners Project’

I had the opportunity to talk to TV and Web Personality Shira Lazar about The Partners Project, her new YouTube talk show in which she interviews YouTube partners. Read more after the jump.

TV and Web Personality Shira Lazar is no stranger to interviewing the beneficiaries of YouTube stardom, bagging exclusive interviews with double rainbow guy Paul Vasquez, Antoine Dodson of Bed Intruder fame and more. Now she’s taking her YouTube interest to the next level with a new web series called the Partners Project, a new YouTube talk show in which she interviews YouTube partners. I had the chance to ask Shira a few questions about the Partners Project. Read on to find out what she had to say, as well as to check out her first interview with Dane Boedigheimer (aka danboe) of The Annoying Orange.

Shira’s first interview with Danboe went up just last week on The Partners Project YouTube channel and has already been viewed over 40,000 times. The Annoying Orange creator talks about everything from how he got started (believe it or not, he was a P.A. on Pimp My Ride) to why he thinks his show has become so popular, what’s in the future for the Annoying Orange and tips for wannabe YouTube stars.

A new Partners Project interview will go up every Thursday, and Pro Tips will be uploaded every Tuesday, in which the partners from the previous week’s interview will offer up a few tricks of the trade.

Shira is working on the Partners series with former Revision3 producer Damon Berger and director Christian Bretz. The series is being distributed by Next New Networks. I wondered if YouTube was involved in the conception or planning of the series at all, coming of recent news of YouTube talks to buy Next New Networks. However, Shira told me that, “The circumstances were quite random and YouTube wasn’t in on this at all.”

I asked Shira about the inspiration behind the Partners Project as well as how the series came to fruition. She told me that, “As a digital reporter at, I had been covering a lot of the viral video and YouTube world on my blog. I was the first to interview both Double Rainbow and Antoine Dodson once they went viral and those videos got huge responses, which was great to see. Also, after attending Vidcon this year (a conference for and about video content producers), it was incredible to see the huge turnout of fans who flew in from around the country to meet their favorite YouTube stars. It was obvious that not only is this a legitimate industry but it’s growing. As an interviewer and someone who loves this space and with the help of my co-creator Damon Berger, we came up with The Partners Project. We also wanted to launch with a distribution partner since we started the channel from scratch. I’ve been a big fan of Next New Networks for awhile, so it was a perfect opportunity to work together.”

iJustine is next in line for an interview on the Partners Project and Shira tells me that we can look forward to interviews with “Mystery Guitar Man, Shay Carl and a ton of others we’re prepping for.” She also tells me that they want to hear from viewers to find out who they want her to interview next, and that they are also “going to include more interaction with fans and let viewers submit questions that we’ll use during the interview.” So who would you like to see Shira Lazar interview on the Partner Project?

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