Shiny New Nexus S Disassembled Courtesy of iFixit

If you bought a brand new Nexus S from Best Buy yesterday, what did you do with it? If you are the good folks at, the natural thing to do is take it completely apart.

Nexus S Teardown

Here’s what I found interesting:

– 1500 mAh battery
– Front & rear facing cameras share the same connector (see step 8 in the article)
– Earpiece speaker, speakerphone speaker, sensor bank are all in a single unit with a shared data connector
– Broadcom WiFi chip can provide 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1 & FM radio. Same chip used in the 3rd generation iPod touch
– The glass screen is curved (as previously reported) but the underlying AMOLED display is flat
– The glass screen is fused to the display