Shiny Johansson Track Suits and the Death of Camp


We understand the world of fashion is just like any other business, you’re in it to sell stuff and make loads of money. Thus, again like most industries (save for maybe those staples you used to apply roofing shingles), explains the celebrity endorsement. But there’s always that last hurdle to understanding celebrity-tie-ins that we don’t quite get, and that’s the “celebrity line” of anything. Sure, we may really love, say, Jennifer Lopez, and may even buy something if she’s there in an ad, if just to, for several fleeting seconds, feel what it must be like to be her. But never have we said, “Man, oh, man, do I ever wish I could stink like J. Lo!” and rushed out to buy her perfume. So it was a return to those kinds of thoughts when we read this piece in Forbes, “Scarlett Johansson to Design Clothes for Reebok.” We think the young Ms. Johansson is just fine and dandy, but it’s hard to make that transition (“What acting prowess! I bet she’d make a killer track suit!”). Though, then again, she was all of, what, twelve, when she was in Lost in Translation and was playing a recent college grad? So there you go. Expectations be damned. Here’s the boiler plate about her involvement in the design process:

Has Hollywood’s favorite clotheshorse really spent hours with spool and thimble in the atelier? Amy Schaeffer, Reebok’s vice president of lifestyle design, claimed the starlet had taken a very active role in creating the “Scarlett ‘Hearts’ Rbk” line from the initial concept. Johansson has apparently sat through several product and design meetings with Reebok, including a three-hour session Monday prior to her visit yesterday to its headquarters. “We’ve shown her sketches throughout the design process,” said Schaeffer. “She has a very strong opinion and vision,” she added.

(double points to anyone who gets the title reference)