Shine Comes Off Shiny Media

ShinyMediaLogo.jpgThings aren’t so shiny at Shiny Media, as the U.K.-based blog publisher went into administration Friday due to growing debts, following the layoff of one-half of its staff in February.

Shiny Media is best-known for blogs Shiny Shiny, Tech Digest and Shoewawa.

paidContent:UK obtained a memo from Shiny Media co-founder Chris Price to free-lancers, which read:

The truth is that trading was extremely difficult and the position of the bank with regards to renewing the overdraft were very unfavourable. The assets—including all Websites with the exception of Bag Lady and Shoewawa—have been bought by a new company, Shiny Digital, of which I am a shareholder.

Price added that systems including his email and mobile phone were “switched off by one of the minority shareholders in the business,” and some free-lancers hadn’t been paid, paidContent:UK reported.