SHIFT’s Media Analyzer brings global marketing insights to brands on Facebook

It’s only been two days since SHIFT launched its Media Analyzer application, but the company’s CEO, James Borow, already sees it offering valuable insights to all marketers that use Facebook and other social media.

Media Analyzer, which Borow said is unique in the marketplace, works seamlessly because it is built on top of Facebook’s application-programming interface to bridge the gap between brands and agencies so that chief marketing officers, marketers, and other stakeholders in both arenas can go to one main dashboard to instantaneously access data and then tweak campaigns to increase effectiveness.

Borow said of what gives his company, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, a leg up over competitors:

I think the biggest thing is that we are tracking in real-time. We are seeing that photo page ads during the week are the most effective units by far. We have crunched through 100,000 campaigns, and the data are shocking. The takeaway for brands is that they need to get serious in the creative leveraging of photos. Those are the stars of the show, across the landscape.

Intelligence is streaming in so quickly since the launch of Media Analyzer — the second proprietary application from SHIFT, which also developed Media Manager — that Borow said he expects to release more extensive data in the not-too-distant future.

The real value of the analytics tool, though, is for the clients that sign on to it to analyze their Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns. SHIFT Media Analyzer allows marketers to analyze paid media campaigns, across various brands and at a global scale — all within a single dashboard. Through the dashboard, the marketers can almost instantly find analysis per campaign, as well as per creative, regardless of which tool or application was used to build the campaign. This allows marketers to determine which campaigns are driving conversions and, thus, to maximize their social return on investment.

Blake Chandlee, Facebook’s vice president of global partnerships, said, according to SHIFT:

As brands and agencies continue to use Facebook to reach the people that matter to them and drive awareness and sales, tools that help analyze their Facebook marketing in real-time can help determine which campaigns are most successful. It’s tools like SHIFT’s Media Analyzer that help enhance the Facebook advertising experience by providing the data brands need to dive into revenue opportunities, as well as a platform for brands and agencies to analyze those data all in one place.

The application is ideal for major advertisers that want to aggregate data across thousands of campaigns, Borow said, noting that his company works primarily with Fortune 500 brands that are very active across the channel. He added:

The brand may have 40 initiatives, and this allows them to see exactly what is going on, understand trends and determine their ROI. Aside from literally allowing you to analyze data, you can dig in and find all types of variables. (Similar applications) are more listening tools. We give the CMOs tools to tell them exactly what their ad dollars are getting them. We aren’t talking just engagement but selling across the landscape.

Marketers: What tools do you use to analyze your campaigns on Facebook and other social networks?