Page Six: Shia LaBeouf’s Night Quickly Went From Weird to Worse

The details of Shia LaBeouf‘s strange behavior at last night’s performance of Broadway play Cabaret are all over the Internet and TV morning shows. However, it is what happened afterwards that, if confirmed, is going to land the actor in more perilous Mel Gibson territory.

From a Page Six report by Larry Celona and C.J. Sullivan:

At the Midtown North station house, LaBeouf allegedly became belligerent, demanding the cuffs be removed. “F**k you. I’ll f**k you up!” the 28-year-old LaBeouf said, according to the sources.

Cops decided to not take the cuffs off the agitated Transformers star, and he allegedly started spitting, prompting officers to put a face mask on him. LaBeouf then unloaded on the arresting officer and used a ­homophobic slur.

“I have millions and millions of dollars and attorneys,” the ­unhinged actor said. “I’m going to ruin your career,” he added, then allegedly called the cop a “f*g.”

Other details about the Cabaret incident – for example, that the actor allegedly fell flat on his face outside the theater at one point – suggest an alcohol and-or substance abuse element. Certainly, no celebrity in their right mind would choose to go off in such a public, actor-ly setting. LaBeouf has since been released.

Update (2:00 p.m.):
Page Six has followed with some insane, exclusive video of LaBeouf. To the PA strains of Pharrell‘s “Happy,” the actor can be seen running towards an allegedly homeless man and tussling over a bag of McDonald’s take-out. The video was purportedly shot a half-hour before the curtain rose on LaBeouf’s Cabaret meltdown.

Update (June 30):
According to a report this afternoon by X17, LaBeouf has possibly begun some sort acknowledgement that he has a substance abuse problem.

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