SheTaxis App Lets Women Hail Female Drivers

Ride-share app carves out niche concept

The latest entrant in the increasingly contested taxi and ride-share space is going niche.

According to a report in The New York Times, the app-based service called SheTaxis will allow women to call for-hire cars that are only driven by other women. Initially limited to the New York City area through an iPhone app, the business’ founders say they plan to expand to other major U.S. cities and to Android smartphones and tablets in the near future. In NYC, the service will actually be dubbed SheRides because city laws prevent marketers from using "taxi" in their name.

The app dispatches female drivers from car service companies to women customers. Similar to Lyft’s pink car moustache, SheTaxis’ drivers will reportedly wear pink scarves.

The taxi and ride-share market has been shaken up recently by other app-based services such as Lyft and Uber on one hand and GetTaxi and Hailo on the other. They are not only competing with traditional taxi services, but also with one another, through price wars and even political battles.

The fight is not just about consumer cash and market share, even though there are approximately 500,000 passengers per day for car services alone, according to the Taxicab Fact Book.

Ride-sharing apps are shaping up to be marketing platforms in their own right, with major consumer brands already running campaigns with Uber.