Sherman Alexie Comes Around on eBooks, Partners With Open Road

Author Sherman Alexie has partnered with digital publisher Open Road Media to release his entire backlist of fiction in eBook form. Titles include: The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, The Toughest Indian in the WorldFlightReservation Blues, Indian KillerTen Little Indians, and War Dances. The books will be available on October 15th.

The  news comes as a surprise, as the author has been vocally against eBooks. He explained his frustration with the new technology and why he came around in a video posted on Open Road. Check it out:

At the beginning my hate was sort of global—but now it’s modified a bit. I still have serious issues with the politics and economic philosophies involved in much of the electronic book world but I’m also vitally interested in reaching more of my readers and reaching a younger generation of readers who are more technologically savvy and tech addicted, and in order to reach them I have to do this. But I’m also very excited about the aesthetic and artistic possibilities. I have an iPad—I love my iPad. I love the idea of being a part of current culture.