Sheriff’s Department investigating paparazzi shooting, sort of

Sheriff's Department investigating paparazzi shooting, sort of

The LA County Sheriff’s department is looking into the shooting of a paparazzo (who, it seems, wasn’t trespassing at all) with a pellet gun outside Britney Spears’s Malibu baby shower last Saturday. But it doesn’t sound like it’s a high priority for the department. Reports the Malibu Times:

Whitmore said the incident “does not rise to the level of assault with a deadly weapon” and would not be considered a felony. Deputies are not even sure that the pellet came from a gun, he said.

“What happens if it was a pebble or a BB that was kicked up by a car?”

But the lawman said pellet guns have a maximum range of 100 yards, meaning that it could not have been fired from the house that Spears was in, which is 250 yards from the road.

I’m no legal expert, but is it really just a misdemeanor to shoot someone with a pellet gun? If so, I’m buying one.

(link via mediabistro newsfeed)