Sheridan in Rashomon-Like Sushi Spat

sher.jpgsushi.jpgLA.COMfidential links to a British tabloid report of ‘Desperate Housewives’ star Nicolette Sheridan getting into a verbal tussle with Sushi Nozawa proprietor Kazunori Nozawa.

But what really happened on this fateful day in Studio City? Nozawa claims the altercation was about fish:

“I brought her some delicious flounder and she tried to send it back,” Nozawa revealed. “She said she didn’t like it and it was too fishy.”

“I explained that if she didn’t like it then she didn’t have to eat it.”

“She began screaming at me, telling me how awful I was.”

However, Sheridan’s publicist offers a different explanation, claiming that Sheridan was upset that Nozawa wouldn’t let ‘Housewives’ co-star Marcia Cross sit at the bar with her and not eat, even though Sheridan offered to pay for her seat.

Personally, I think that the publicist’s account makes Sheridan look worse than Nozawa’s, but maybe that’s me and my quirky value system. I mean, a lot of people don’t like flounder. But who besides a self-absorbed celebrity would toss around $80 or so just so a non-eating friend could sit with her at a high end sushi bar? Also, there is usually a line at Nozawa. How would you feel waiting for a seat while Marcia Cross occupies one without eating?

Meanwhile, a bystander offers a clearly fabricated account inspired by an almost decade-old episode of ‘Seinfeld’:

“…Then Nozawa screamed at her, ‘You’re nasty nasty lady star. That’s it. Get out. You are banned for life. No sushi for you!”‘

My hunch: Everyone is lying.