Shepard Fairey Lends a Hand to Occupy Wall Street, Designs Invitation to Weekend’s Protests

If you weren’t there this weekend, then the invitation portion of this story won’t benefit you much at all. If it makes you feel any better, we weren’t there either. However, you might find it interesting that Shepard Fairey has decided to help out the Occupy Wall Street protests. Just before the weekend, the artist designed an invitation to the Occupation Party, a protest/rally held this weekend in Times Square on Saturday. Keeping to his familiar Communist propaganda-esque style, the invite features a woman (also in his usual three-quarter angle) looking toward the sky and/or the glorious future, captured in dark reds, yellows and blacks. It’s certainly not a world-changing image in its depth or complexity, but as WNYC reports, after having talked to a number of artists and editors, it’s nice to see Fairey using his go-to protest movement style for… an actual protest movement.