Shell Oil PR Fail is a Phony

Earlier today, the video above popped up on our Twitter feed (h/t @MattCherenson) with a question of whether it was a fake. We were in touch with Shell and learned from spokesperson Kayla Macke that it is, in fact, a phony. According to Macke, this isn’t one of their events.

The video was meant to show a celebration gone awry, with a miniature oil rig gushing “oil” at a party goer. According to the description, the party is for new rigs that would be drilling in the Arctic. Gawker did a little deeper digging into the PR firm Wainright & Shore that was said to organize the event and found ties to the Yes Men, an activist group that has previously pulled pranks on large companies, including Chevron.

Macke blames groups that oppose the company’s plans to drill off the Alaskan coast for the stunt. Gawker reports that the folks behind the video are trying to prolong the prank as long as possible with conversations faux-Wainright & Shore employees and tweets from the filmmaker Logan Price.

Though it is a phony, the site of a mini-spill is a reminder of the damage that can be done on a larger scale. As if we needed one with the Gulf oil spill recovery still ongoing.

Chevron, ICYMI, just broke with Ogilvy Government Relations over what it calls a “conflict of interest.”

Update: A Salon reporter was at the fake event and reports on what she saw.