Shelfari Launches Facebook App

ShelfariShelfari, a book based social network, has just launched their Facebook application. The application is designed to let you easily display your books and rate them. Launched in October 2006, Shelfari is one of the fastest growing vertically oriented social media sites on the Internet. With tens of thousands of bibliophiles already registered on the free site, Shelfari represents a vibrant community of readers who actively participate and express themselves through their passion for books. Just like all the other virtual bookshelves on Facebook, this one generates revenue via the Amazon affiliate program. Shelfari is the best looking shelf application that I’ve seen so far but there are definitely limits. As of now it only displays 4 of the books that you add to your shelf. Also it takes up a fair amount of space on your profile. If you are a serious book lover and want to show off your books than this application is for you. Otherwise you may opt for one of the other book applications that take up less space. If you are a bibliophile than go check out the Shelfari application.