Vegas Journo Adds Casino Context to Reuters-Sands Bulletin

On Monday, Reuters west coast enterprise editor Peter Henderson and author-contributor Joseph Menn made waves with an article about Las Vegas Sands Corp. being investigated by the Nevada State Gaming Control Board in connection with some explosive China accusations leveled by a former employee. Accusations that have been consistently denied by Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson (pictured).

Today, Las Vegas Review-Journal staffer Howard Stutz shares an intriguing op ed about all this. He says it’s par for the exclusive, Shadow Creek course:

In reality, Nevada’s licensed casino companies are always under investigation. So an international media report Monday that Las Vegas Sands Corp. is being probed by the Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board over bribe payment allegations in mainland China isn’t much of a revelation.

Nor is there much new in reports on the allegations, some of which are a decade old.

Stutz surmises that because Adelson is such a major RNC donor (on Tuesday, the Sands bigwig hosted a special event at The Venetian featuring VP candidate Paul Ryan), anything with his name attached will merit extra media attention this Presidential election season. Read his full analysis here.

[Photo courtesy Las Vegas Sands Corp.]