Cindy Crawford is Now a Vlogger

First off, the name of this particular corner is somewhat hilarious – Mommalogues. It’s a place “where moms come to raise their voices,” and continuing with the celeb factor that started with Candace Cameron Bure in January and Mayim Bialik in March, the site has added this month the great get of Cindy Crawford.

Each celebrity guest blogger is paired with a top-line commercial sponsor. So far, Crawford, the dazzling working mom of two and wife of Rande Gerber, has posted a pair of videos about the greatest compliment she has received from her offspring and how she tends to connect with other parents. allows readers to quickly rate videos like the ones Crawford is posting with the choice of LOL!, OMG!, BAM! and WTF! At press time, BAM! is the click of choice for both Crawford entries.

A spokesperson for tells FishbowlLA more celebrity moms are in the pipeline, starting with Kimberly Paisley, who shot her segments last week in Nashville. Adds the site’s aptly named director of parenting content Crystal Patriarche: “In creating Mommalogues, we really wanted to show moms that no matter where you live, what you do, celebrity or not, we all have similar concerns, fears and challenges when it comes to raising our children.”

[Editorial note: By sheer coincidence, this journalist was one of the husbands in that pre-natal yoga class Crawford mentions in her April 9 Mommalogue. Namaste.]