Just Became the Queen of Women’s Lifestyle Media


SheKnows Best!

(From left: BlogHer’s Lisa Stone; SheKnows’ Phillipe Guelton, Samantha Skey; BlogHer’s Jory Des Jardins, Elisa Camahort Page)

PR practitioners, get your databases ready because everything in your blogosphere is about to change — SheKnows just acquired BlogHer in an effort to bolster native content projects…and to become the top women’s media group in the world.

In the evolving world of PR, it’s our primary objective to stay on top of the ebbs and flows of emerging media. You don’t have to speak nerd to understand. Suffice to say, the Internet thingy is here to stay, which is why you can’t assume that your only pitch sources are going to be print and TV media. Whether old-school journos care to admit it, bloggers have serious street cred.

And this global takeover move proves it.

The price of the sale was not disclosed, but it’s believed to be in the $30 to $40 million range. And why? The magic number is 75.3, as in million unique visitors for the combined front. Now imagine the metrics you could glean for a client with that business.

INFOGRAPHICPhilippe Guelton, SheKnows Media CEO, explained the partnership fit because both have the same vision for high-quality branded content. The two publishers served a total 1.76 billion ad impressions this past September. And together, they’ll have 147.4 million social media followers.

Native is absolutely a big part of this (deal),” he said. “What is really important in this new era is the platform and the technology that allows us to build and distribute native at scale, which means really being able to manage and understand and empower these influencers.”

It’s a brave new world, peeps. Native is where things are going so if you are skittish on upselling to the client, you may want to brace said client for some meh times ahead. Bloggers are journalists, just with a different platform. It’s kinda like if a reporter gets comfortable with writing for print, and then some newfangled doohickey comes along. Sure, it’s good for media reporting as well, but it’s just not the paper.

Yeah, that’s the Internet. So, about native? Get on that.

Oh, and in case you missed it: SheKnows is always looking for “original, timely” pitches. Just make sure they have “social media mojo” — and send them one to two months in advance if they’re seasonal.