SheFinds Founder on Starting an Online Company: 'I Wish I'd Known How Vital SEO Was'


mmadhokwn.jpg Michelle Madhok, founder and CEO of SheFinds Media, started the online media company with the launch of a single site in 2004, big on ideas and low on outside funding (read: none). Thanks to her scalable business model, SheFinds added a second property, MomFinds, and continues to grow. Ahead of her talk on starting a new media business at the Mediabistro Career Circus August 4, she tells writer Jennifer Pullinger the No. 1 thing she wished she knew when she started her own media business.

“I wish I’d known how vital SEO was to getting traffic to the site. Targeted SEO to pages where we promote products is how we make a great deal of our income. There are so many tools out there to optimize the pages, I wish I’d known about them when I started the business and built the initial site.”

Michelle Madhok shares tips on starting your own media business in her upcoming panel discussion at Mediabistro Career Circus on August 4 in New York.