She Thought She Bought an iPad, Instead Got a NotePad

Here’s another cautionary tale in checking the packaging before you buy.

One hopeful iPad buyer in Detroit didn’t get quite what she expected on her last trip to Walmart. Consumerist is reporting that she found a stack of legal notepads in the box, but no iPad. Here’s more from the story:

After coming home from Walmart with her purchase, she says she was stunned to find “a stack of papers. I was very upset to see that it was not in there.” She says the pads were added to provide weight but that there was no iPad in the box. She returned to Walmart and was turned down by a manager.

“She says she wasn’t giving me anything for it. She said it didn’t matter, even if I didn’t break the seal on the box. Once I bought it and walked out the door, it was mine.” Walmart called police to look into it, and they said the woman’s story wasn’t credible, so no refund.

While I do not know exactly what happened in this case, I have trouble believing the story. I’ve bought an iPad at Walmart, and the clerk was very careful to make sure that the unit was seal in the original packaging. I don’t see how this customer could have been scammed. Even if she were, she could have protected herself by checking the seals on the box.