Shazam Seeing 1m Song Tags a Day

Music identification service Shazam is celebrating that its users are tagging more than a million tracks every day.

With Shazam’s free music recognition application, you hear a song you want to ID, hold the phone near the music source for several seconds, and get a message back with the song title, artist name and other track info.

Since September, Shazam’s user base has grown from 20 million to 35 million users worldwide. Being one of the most popular downloads for both the iPhone and the G1 Android phone has likely helped boost those numbers quite a bit.

Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher hopes to make Shazam’s music recognition “ubiquitous on mobile phones.” Based on the strong end-user adoption the company’s been seeing, which he expects to continue throughout the year, Fisher is projecting “50 million Shazamers before the end of the year.”