Shays, Farrell Meet In Grand Central For Awkward, Late Hour Handshake Campaign

The tight race between Shays [white baseball hat] and Farrell [back, to the left, adjusting hair] played out for commuters in Grand Central terminal yesterday

Most Congressional candidates spend their final hours on the eve of the election campaigning hard in their home state. So it was a little weird to stumble across this scene last night in Grand Central terminal: Republican incumbent Christopher Shays and Democratic challenger Diane Farrell, involved in a nailbiter for the Fourth District Congressional seat in Connecticut, shaking Connecticut commuters’ hands in New York as they boarded a peak hour train to New Haven. As this is essentially the only entrance to track 107, the setup provided commuters with the awkward sensation of shaking each candidate’s hand within 7 feet of each other — Shays in front, Farrell behind — with some would-be voters heaving bipartisan insults (“Get our troops out of Iraq” and “Don’t campaign on the train”) as they disappeared down the ramp.