Sharpton Butchers Mack in More Ways Than One

Our resident Cabbage Patch doll is a guest on MSNBC’s Al Sharpton show this evening and things are getting dicey. GOP Consultant and blogger Matt Mackowiak (voted FishbowlDC’s Biggest Self Promoter in Summer Superlatives) chuckled as he felt the sting of Sharpton butchering his name and then his thoughts.

Sharpton introduced him and immediately stumbled over his name, calling him “Matt Muhkahviak, Makohviak.”

The topic on the table was POTUS scheduling a joint speech before Congress on the night of the NBC-Politico sponsored GOP presidential debate.

Mackowiak: “Look I worked on Capitol Hill for four years. One of the things that people don’t know is when the President gives a joint address there are tremendous security requirements that require literally shutting down the entire building. …Bottom line, President Obama seemed willing to disrespect former first lady Nancy Reagan, who is hosting a debate that has been scheduled for at least six months.”

Sharpton cut our Self Promoter off and let him have it: “Matt, Matt, wait a minute, Matt, you’re really not going to say this to me, now. You do realize you are on Politics Nation. First of all, that debate has already been changed a few times. Second of all, that debate can start a little later. Third of all, you just heard a member of Congress say that Mr. Boehner could call them back any time he wants that day. So that is patently ridiculous what you just said.”

Ahh, attention at its finest.