Sharon Waxman Skewers Nick Denton, Internet

Sharon Waxman takes aim at Snarker-in-chief Nick Denton (which we get) as well as the flight of talented journalists to the Internet (which we don’t get).

As she says:

“And while I’m at it, let me publicly lament the flight of
talented colleagues, Jeff Leeds of the Times and Gabriel Snyder, once of Variety, to the world of celebrity infotainment, and the kingdom of snark, respectively. Leeds, one of the best music journalists working (or, rather, not working) has gone to Buzznet, where he will be the editor-in-chief. Snyder becomes managing editor at Gawker. Like other journalists, they have to eat, so one can hardly blame them. But their joining the world of lowest-common-denominator-clicks makes those of us seekers in the world of information-that-matters the poorer.”

Is it really impossible to think that journalists like Leeds and Snyder could elevate the level of journalism at these sites? Whose snarky now?