Sharknado 3 Press Coverage: Oh Hell Yeah!

Best lede, funniest headline and cleverest framing of the many cameos.

It’s here. In this summer of Trump, SyFy is offering a brief bombastic redirect Wednesday night, one that features a fellow billionaire entrepreneur in the White House, Mark Cuban, assisted by a vp who could work well for The Donald should he get that far – Ann Coulter.

Taking a gander at the early press build-up for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, FishbowlNY wanted to single out a few highlights.

1) Best ledeFrazier Moore, AP:

The pun is as fitting as it is inevitable, so let’s go ahead and get it out of the way: Sharknado 3 has definitely jumped the shark.

2) Funniest headline – Entertainment Weekly:

The only thing funnier here? Derek, who plays Tara Reid’s mom, got the call from her agent while she was in the Galápagos Islands.

3) Cleverest framing of Sharknado 3’s many cameo appearancesNeal Genzlinger, New York Times:

There are sports figures, real-life newscasters and Vine and YouTube stars. Why has Reddit been having some turmoil lately? Maybe because one of its founders, Alexis Ohanian, has been fiddling around making this movie. There are so many cameos that if you yourself aren’t in Sharknado 3, shame on you.

Speaking of those cameo appearances, The Guardian has a whole article on the cinematic work of Jedward, the Irish duo who drop in as tourists. The pair has derived a titular song from their experience, “Oh Hell No.”

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