Sharkius Games Sees Success Turning Popular U.K. Teddy Bear Into Facebook Game

Sharkius Games' sees excellent success in a few short weeks with their new game Me To You: My Place, starring household teddy bear character Tatty Teddy.

Me To You Bears have been a popular teddy bear icon in the United Kingdom for over two decades. Tatty Teddy, a household lovable name for these bears, has gone virtual. Sharkius Games launched Me to You: My Place – a game starring Tatty Teddy – has already gotten 8,200 players.

Dress up your Teddy as you please, and get ready to go on a journey in the Facebook application. In the game Tatty Teddy has to set out on an adventure to find his cute and cuddly Blue Nose Friends. Nickname your new friends, and be sure to nurture and take care of them along the way.

The game is cute, simple, wholesome, and fun for all ages. Being that Tatty is a well-known character makes it even easier game for anyone familiar with the bear to love, and also offers explanation for the sudden and quick success since the game’s launch just a short time ago. Visit Tatty’s official page on the Facebook here.

Readers, have you tried this Facebook game yet? Do you think it will be able to extend the appeal of Tatty Teddy beyond existing fans in the U.K.?