UPDATED: Shark Week scares up engagement, buzz on Facebook


One of the most popular promotions on the Discovery Channel — Shark Week — swept through Facebook. The official page for Shark Week grew in leaps and bounds, both in like totals and people talking about this, according to PageData analytics. From Monday, Aug. 5 (the first day of Shark Week), through Thursday, Aug. 8, the official Facebook page for Shark Week gained 99,592 fans. The biggest jump came Aug. 5, when the page acquired 33,488 fans. Over the past 7 days, the page jumped by 123,634 fans.

Facebook also shared with Inside Facebook stats about the discussion surrounding Shark Week on the social network.

Top 5 Shows/Topics

  1. Megalodon: Monster Shark
  2. Great White sharks
  3. Shark After Dark Live
  4. Voodoo Sharks
  5. Alien Sharks

Top 5 Hashtags

  1. #sharkweek
  2. #megalodon
  3. #sharkafterdark
  4. #voodooshark
  5. #sharkzilla

The Shark Week Facebook page has grown steadily not only in fans, but in PTAT. Notice the huge jump in PTAT from Tuesday (139,874) to Wednesday (249,399).

chart (6)

On Wednesday, the Shark Week page pinned a post, asking fans to share an image of a leaping shark if they’re a “FIN-atic.” The post included a link to Shark Week’s website. It was the most-shared post of Shark Week, as more than 5,800 people shared the photo and more than 39,000 liked it.

Two other photo posts during Shark Week also accumulated four-digit share totals:

PageData shows that an overwhelming majority of Shark Week Facebook fans come from the U.S., but the page is also popular in Canada and Australia. Outside of the U.S., the page is also reaching people well in the Bahamas (0.17 percent of the population) and Puerto Rico (0.1 percent of the total population).

The Shark Week page was most engaging on Monday, which showed an engagement score of 11.31.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 12.12.03 PM

However, not all of the engagement on the page was positive Shark Week. Several posts from users, as well as comments on the pinned post, are users voicing their displeasure:

SharkWeekPostsReaders: Did you post about Shark Week on Facebook?

Top and featured images courtesy of Shark Week’s Facebook page.