Sharing Books is as Old as Print. But, Publishers have a Problem with eBook Sharing

Sharing a conventional paper book has been one of the most basic sharing activities for a long time. Sharing comes in the form of informal person-to-person lending or institutionalized library loans. This simplest and most basic of sharing activities has been, however, something that has not been easily adopted for digital books. The latest ebook sharing issue comes by way of the world’s largest trade book publisher, Penguin Books. The Digital Shift reported that…

Penguin Group USA to No Longer Allow Library Lending of New Ebook Titles

OverDrive, which services libraries and schools with ebooks, reported that new editions of digital books will not be made available by Penguin Books to those institutions. It should be noted that OverDrive also works with Amazon to provide library ebooks for the Kindle. And, in the specific case of the Kindle, all ebook lending has been disabled for ebooks published by Penguin Books.

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