Shareaholic Q3 report: Social referrals down from Q2, but Facebook is still king


While the amount of traffic referred from social networks took a dip in Q3 2014, Shareaholic still finds that Facebook is by far the leader, generating 4 times as much traffic as Pinterest.

Shareaholic monitors data from more than 300,000 websites, totaling more than 400 million monthly unique visitors.

Facebook has increasingly referred more traffic than any other social channel. In Sept. 2013, Facebook drove 10.37 percent of the traffic to the sites studied; now, that figure is 22.36 percent.

Shareaholic’s Danny Wong discussed in a blog post Facebook’s power to drive traffic, as well as the threat of Pinterest:

For businesses, Facebook is a gold mine of audience data and content distribution. For users, it is a highly personalized window into the things/topics/news they care about. In sum, Facebook is everything. Driving 22.36% of overall traffic to sites, Facebook’s share of traffic has exploded in the last year. Since September 2013, its share has increased 115.63% (11.99 percentage points) from 10.37%.

While it didn’t experience significant gains over Q3, there is still plenty of room for growth. Pinterest, while wildly popular among American women, hasn’t yet scaled to the size of its competitors. Even still, with an estimated 70 million users, it has firmly secured its position as the 2nd largest referrer of social traffic. In September, Pinterest delivered 5.52% of total visits sites received. Over the past year, its share of traffic has grown 50.07% (up 1.84 percentage points), giving it a noticeable lead over Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

Here’s a look at the evolution of major social networks, in terms of traffic referrals. Click to enlarge.

Social-Media-Traffic-Trends-Report-October-2014-chartReaders: Are you seeing more of your website’s traffic coming from Facebook?

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