Share Your Jobseeking Story, Get…Free Golden Grahams?

General Mills has outdone themselves. Because jobseeking is hard, but jobseeking on an empty stomach is harder, the company is giving away 12 boxes of Golden Grahams to 75 people a week for three months. The catch? You’ve got to share your funny (or depressing) job search story in 140 122 characters or less, and General Mills and the Golden Grant team might animate it into a silly little video. Supposedly this will help you get a job, but really it’s just a brilliant promotion for Golden Grahams, which probably needs the help—when was the last time you bought this cereal? Its Google rank is getting whomped by Golden Crisp‘s, which (confession) we mistook GG for.

But even if you can’t get enough of that Golden Crisp, are they animating job interview stories about tight pants? Thought not.