Share Weather Information With The Updated Windows Phone 7 Weather Channel App

Many of my phone conversations with friends, particularly friends who live across country from me, include discussion about the weather. Maybe it’s a Michigan thing, given how often the weather changes. Now that I keep in touch with many of my friends in Facebook, the Windows Phone 7 Weather Channel app’s ability to post updates to my Facebook wall is a handy new feature.

I’ve been using the Weather Channel app on my Android phones, iPod Touch, and iPad for some time, but I think the latest version for Windows Phone 7 might be the most appealing of them all. Part of the reason why may be that Windows Phone user interface is very well suited for browsing through multiple views of data on one topic. When you start the app you see the current weather conditions for location, and you just swipe to move to a five day forcast, radar map, and menu.

The current conditions section includes a button for sharing the weather information on Facebook. What gets posted to Facebook is the same information that you see in the Weather Channel live tile, along with a link to The forecast section has a five day summary, with a details button that takes you down a level to view hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day forecasts.

The detail forecasts section also has a share button. While the radar map section provides the radar view on a map, you can tap the map to open it in more detail that includes the ability to add layers and animate the weather. Finally, the menu section includes options for forecast details, severe weather, maps, videos, social connections, and settings. Videos include local, regional, and national forecasts, along with the current top weather story, and the video plays in both portrait and landscape views.

I think the Weather Channel app looks particularly nice on my HTC HD7, but I imagine it will look nice on all Windows Phones. If you have a Windows Phone and are looking for a weather app, I can recommend the free Weather Channel app; you will find it in the Windows Phone Marketplace.