Share Virtual Beers with Guinness' Facebook App

Media Mad Men at Guinness engage with social media for St. Patrick's Day ad campaign.

Are you ready for St. Patties Day? Guinness is. The irish beer label has launched a Facebook app that allows friends to share virtual pints with one another through the Social Network.

The app is expected to launch today in an effort to get the Guiness label on everyone’s mind for St. Patrick’s Day.
The brand’s Facebook page has already been “liked” by 169,507 Facebook users, and the campaign hopes to spread the word through social media. “Celebrate the Friendliest Day of the Year” boasts the online ad campaign: “To get you in the mood for Paddy’s Day we’re giving you a virtual pint to keep you going until the day itself! You can then send your mates their own pint along with a personalized invitation to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with you.”
The group’s Facebook page allows users to share Guinness photos and share information and event listings for the March 17th event. The company has already uploaded 186 photos of slightly Irish-looking twenty-and thirty-somethings enjoying their pint of Guinness, and plans to add more Guinness photos after St. Patrick’s Day.
The campaign is another example of how big businesses are starting to invest in social media as a platform for advertising by creating a digital presence. Cheers to that!