Share The Apps Installed On Your Android Phone With Others

A common ritual amongst smartphone users is to share information about their favorite apps with other smartphone users. ShareMyApps is an app that makes it easy to share links to the Android Market for apps that are on an Android phone. Both ad-free and ad-supported versions of ShareMyApps is available in the Android Market.

If you are near your friend and want to quickly share a link to install the app between two phones, you can have ShareMyApps create a QR code that your friend can scan. To create barcodes you will need the Barcode Scanner app installed on your phone, and your friend will also need that app, or something similar like Google Goggles, to scan the barcode.

Other ways that you can share the links directly to another person include text messaging and email. ShareMyApps uses Android’s built-in sharing capability, so you can also share links to installed apps on social networks like Twitter by using apps like Seesmic. I shared the link for ShareMyApps on Twitter using Seesmic, which has support for the URL shortening service.

Another useful feature of ShareMyApps is the ability to create a list of all the apps, and the links for installing them, that you can store in a text file, or in a notetaking app like Evernote. All you do is tap the Check All button, tap the Sharing button, and tap Copy App List. You can then create a new note or text file and paste the app list into it. Here is a link to a list of apps on my Nexus S that I created using ShareMyApps, which I am sharing from Evernote. Unfortunately, for some reason Evernote is not properly creating the link using the full URL.

I think ShareMyApps is a very useful utility to have if you ever share information about apps with other people. At a minimum it can be a handy way to create a backup list of the apps you currently use so that know what to reinstall, should you ever need to reinstall apps on your phone or a new phone.