Share some inspirational quotes with Quipio

QuipioQuipio is a new iOS app from Every Second Counts, Inc. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store, with no additional in-app purchases.

There’s a particular trend on certain parts of social media — most notably Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest — of sharing various inspirational (often misattributed) quotes and snippets of conventionally-held wisdom atop attractive background images that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the quote in question. It’s the 21st-century equivalent of minimalist “motivational” posters, if you will, and it’s particularly popular with a number of different specific demographics on social media.

Quipio allows its users to quickly and easily generate these images (referred to as “Quips”) using their own custom text and images. Images can be taken using the device’s camera, imported from the photo library or searched for online directly from within the app, and creating a new Quip may be done starting with either a photo or the text in question.

When adding text to the image, the user does not have complete control over its appearance, size and positioning, and must instead pick from a selection of predefined styles. They are, however, able to highlight specific words or phrases in their text that they would like to “pop,” and these are given special emphasis in various different ways depending on the style chosen. Some styles might invert the colors of the highlighted text; others might choose a different color altogether; others still might use a different font or put it on a new line. Images, meanwhile, can be cropped as required, though must remain constrained to the app’s standard proportions. One of four different Instagram-style automatic visual filters may also be applied to adjust the original image.


Once the composite text-and-image creation has been completed, the user is them prompted to share it. There are a number of options for doing this, most of which require the user to sign up for a Quipio account. Public sharing options include Quipio’s built-in proprietary network, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook support did not appear to work during testing, the app instead repeatedly asking for permission to post to friends and then not doing anything. Twitter support, meanwhile, requires that the user also post the image to Quipio as well — not an ideal solution for those who have no interest in using the app’s built-in social network, and completely unnecessary since sharing to Twitter uses the microblogging service’s own subdomain. Private sharing solutions include email, SMS and the ability to save to the device’s photo library for sharing in any other apps that can access the user’s images.

The app’s built-in social network features the usual trending and featured content as well as the ability for users to follow one another. When viewing a user’s creations, a number of options are available, including resharing it using any of the above options, liking it or flagging it as inappropriate. There is also a “1up” button which immediately opens the interface for a user to create a new Quip. This is theoretically designed to allow users to “reply” to one another using new Quips, but its implementation is clunky and unclear, and the use of the term “1up” does not make its purpose at all obvious.

Obtuse interface elements aside, Quipio is a fun, well-designed app that performs its intended function fairly well for the most part. It could do with better social support — given the typical audience for these sorts of “inspirational” images, sorting out Facebook connectivity and perhaps adding Pinterest support should be a priority — but it’s not much additional effort for users to save their creations to their photo library and share them manually. Ultimately it’s not an especially “useful” app, but it’s a fun way of annotating images or even creating mockups of poster designs if nothing else.

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