Share Inside Jokes With Your Friends on Facebook

InsydeJokeThis one is sure to be popular among Facebook females (unless guys are more prone to sharing inside jokes than I’m aware of). Dan Uyemura has developed an application that stirs up a little drama by allowing users to send inside jokes to each other. When you send the message to your friend, all your other friends are notified about it but don’t know what you are talking about. Ultimately this is the same thing as Facebook’s existing messaging system but with a little twist. While I’m not sure how popular this application will be I can think of small modifications that would make it a little more catchy.

My sister used to keep post-it notes of jokes and quotes that her and her friends in college used to share between them. Surely there are other people that do this as well. By posting up a quote that only your friends would find funny, it’s a cooler way to get people wondering what you are talking about rather then just sending them a notification that something funny just took place. This application is definitely a great start on the idea though. If you want to send inside jokes with your friends, go grab the InsydeJoke application.