Share 3D Video on YouTube & Quick with the HTC EVO 3D

The big news in this recent Sprint press release was that The Green Hornet movie will be bundled with the Android-powered glasses-free 3D viewing enabled HTC EVO 3D smartphone.

Exciting Content Coming for this Summer’s Highly Anticipated Smartphone, HTC EVO 3D Exclusively from Sprint

However, buried in the press release are a couple of other interesting 3D features.

HTC EVO 3D makes it possible to become part of the action and then easily and seamlessly post and view high-quality 3D video to YouTube or Facebook, or share moments in real time over the Internet live, via Qik. The 3D content will automatically convert to 2D if the viewer does not have a 3D capable device.

The capability to easily share 3D video via Facebook, Qik and YouTube should encourage people to record and post 3D video.