Shape Jam: Match colors, symbols and numbers vs opponents on mobile

Jam Labs has announced the launch of Shape Jam on iOS and Android devices, taking the standard match-three play of other puzzle games and making it more challenging via the inclusion of symbols and numbers. In Shape Jam, players must tap on three tiles that have one or more factors in common, while also ignoring the tiles that have been added to the board that don’t actually match.

Shape Jam allows players to challenge their friends via Facebook Connect, or to challenge strangers. In each game, players have 60 seconds to find as many matches of three tiles as they can. These matches are made by observing the color, type of symbol and number of symbols on each tile, and then following the rules for how they associate.

For instance, players can tap on three tiles, each with a different number of stars, but these tiles must all be in different colors or in the same exact color. Players couldn’t tap on two yellow tiles, and one red tile (for instance), even if the symbols were different, because the colors don’t follow the rules.

The game allows for users to play their matches asynchronously, even while offline. Players’ moves are simply saved within the game and sent back to the server when data becomes available.

While Shape Jam is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play, a premium version of the game is available for $1.99. This mode includes leaderboards and game statistics, along with a single-player mode for players to practice before heading back into multiplayer competition.

Check back soon to track Shape Jam on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers. Or, if you’d rather see the game in action before downloading, check out its trailer below.

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